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The Jade Package ($975+)

3-6 Weeks Prior to Wedding Day

  • Draft wedding day timeline

  • Discuss arrangements previously made with vendors and update the timeline accordingly

  • Fill in missing pieces

  • Confirm all accommodations with all vendors

  • Create a final timeline to distribute

Wedding Rehearsal

  • Coordinate with officiator to determine signals or cues that will begin the Ceremony

  • Remind the wedding party where they need to be the following day and at what time

  • Pass out itineraries


  • Facilitate on-time arrival for hair and make-up stylists

  • Manage hair and makeup schedules with the bridal party

  • Ensure that all personal flowers arrive on time for Entourage

  • Ensure the photographer arrives on time and has the photo list

  • Coordinate transportation so Entourage departs for the Ceremony as scheduled

  • Ensure florist has set-up all Ceremony floral arrangements

  • Set-up programs and other Ceremony decorations/items

  • Ensure that Ceremony musicians have arrived and direct them as to where to set-up

  • Ensure that Ushers/Groomsmen arrive on time and are ready to escort guests

  • Line up the Entourage for their entrances down the aisle

  • Cue Ceremony musicians when Entourage is ready to begin Processional

  • Guide Entourage down the aisle

  • Gather family and Entourage for photos after the Ceremony

  • Transport items from the Ceremony location to the Reception venue and store any items not needed at the Reception

Prior to Reception

  • Greet vendors and instruct them as to where to set-up

  • Work with DJ/Band/MC to correctly pronounce the Entourage names and in the right order of introduction

  • Ensure Reception decor and tables are set-up according to plan

  • Review the final set-up before guests arrive


  • Ensure proper flow of cocktail hour food and drinks

  • Encourage guests to take their seats at the appropriate time

  • Help guests locate their escorts cards and assigned tables

  • Line up the Entourage for their introductions

  • Cue DJ/band when to start introductions

  • Guide Entourage during introductions

  • Cue band, photographer, videographer and immediate family members of the Bride and Groom when important events take place at Reception (first dance, parent dances, cake cutting, toasts, etc.)

  • Communicate with catering staff to confirm food timeline

  • Distribute final payments/gratuities to vendors at the end of their service

  • Collect gifts and personal decor items and ensure they reach the designated person/room/vehicle

  • Coordinate Reception departure transportation and/or send-off

The Opal Package ($1600+)

This is like when you thought you can do it all but like half-way in and 5 cases of wine later, you're carving SOS on your coffee table. We fill in the rest of the gaps for you. 

  • Vendor recommendation and email communication

  • Regularly progress and to do list

  • Creation and advisement of budget

  • Assistance with save the date, invitation, program and menu wording

  • Advisement on menu planning

  • Attend tasting and sample table

  • Create complete timeline for celebration and share with all vendors

  • The Jade Package

The Pearl Package ($2700+)

This is the whole shabang, the mother of all wedding planning. So epic, we named it after my mother, Perla (cute, huh? Can I get a daughter of the year award?) 

  • We are your Peacemakers, Assistant, and Friend:

    • Vendor research and matching​

    • Scheduling meetings

    • Negotiate offerings at competitive price and within client budget

    • Review and finalize contracts and bookings

    • Payment reminders

    • Draft and finalize vendor itinerary

    • Offer input, expertise and advice

    • Initiate family mediation, we're not licensed therapist, just really good listeners

  • We are your Style Mavens:

    • Assist with overall wedding theme and colors​

    • Define vision and bring personal style to life with our creative direction

    • Assist with every visual details such as stationary font, texture of linens and selection of staple items

    • All about them mood boards

  • We are your Organizational YASS Queens:

    • Develop and oversee your budget

    • Prepare checklist for all activities and ensure completion

    • RSVP management

    • Rehearsal

    • Venue walkthrough

    • Plan guest experience

    • Coordinate entourage party and guests

    • Transport personal supplies and equipment​

    • Monitor all on site production activities and set-up of venue

    • Manage cleaning process

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